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2015 - I first met Dr. Brooke when I attended track 1 colloquium, which was a requirement toward earning my PhD. Dr. Brooke made quite an impression on me. She is one of the most intelligent, knowledgeable, and brilliant people I have met thus far. I was very excited when I received an email that she was assigned to be my dissertation mentor. I knew I was in great hands. Dr. Brooke was enthusiastic about my topic, detailed with her feedback, and always guided me in the right direction. It was wonderful having a mentor who saw my potential and talent. Online classes can be difficult because you do not have the face-to-face communication. However, Dr. Brooke took the time to get to know me and I felt she cared about my work and wanted me to succeed in not only my dissertation but in life. I am forever grateful to Dr. Brooke for the doors she has opened and for helping me realize my talents. I have not encountered many instructors like Dr. Brooke who are so inspiring.

Dorothy A. Miraglia, PhD - Former Capella Mentee

Co-Editor of Using the Creative Therapies for Grief and Loss Issues

2013 - You may have tried the rest, now try the best. In my experience, Dr. Stephanie L. Brooke is the three P’s of mentorship: precise, purposeful, and pointed. At the onset of my doctoral program, I was lost. From the first stage—Comprehensive Exam, through the Scientific Merit Review process, Dr. Brooke’s support and guidance has proven invaluable overall.  Simply, Dr. Brooke has helped me through this stringent, detail-oriented process with grace and finesse for which I will forever be grateful.

Theresa C. Dawson, PhD, MSW – Former Capella Mentee

 2012 - I have known Dr. Brooke for several years. She was my mentor when I was enrolled in the doctoral program at Capella University. Dr. Brooke is a great mentor. She inspired 
me to continue the program when I was discouraged. She did this by setting goals and coaching me until I met the required deadlines. Her leadership style is hands on, and direct, for example, she told me what was wrong with my dissertation rather than hinting about my errors. Her ability to assist students in meeting the requirements for graduation is unsurpassed. I would recommend her services simply because she is the best.

Jennifer Medlin, PhD – Former Capella Mentee

Outreach Coordinator

2012 - It is an honor and privilege to submit this letter on behalf of Dr. Stephanie L. Brooke. Dr. Brooke was my Mentor during the dissertation phase of the PhD program. During this time, she was precise, productive, and proficient. Dr. Brooke provided excellent APA editing and proofreading, valuable feedback, and gave me tremendous insight to remain focused during so many difficult times throughout this phase. Dr. Brooke’s encouraging words were so instrumental. She made herself available consistently on a weekly basis by way of: conference calls, one-on-one coaching, and moral support to ensure I stayed on track.

Additionally, Dr. Brooke was precise when responding with feedback, questions, or concerns presented by mentees. Another area that made mentees successful in my opinion was, once a mentee had approval of their proposal/dissertation, Dr. Brooke would ask her mentees to post the approved piece in the classroom to assist other students who may be struggling. This process was very helpful and it spelled success for a lot of students.

I valued the weekly communication between me and Dr. Brooke. It demonstrated a level of commitment and professionalism that connected me to her. I am forever indebted to Dr. Brooke for believing in me and pushing me through the dissertation process. I was encouraged by the spirit she showed and continued to offer. Her words of encouragement were a milestone all by themselves. I want you to know that she has truly produced a believer that will continue to excel in life.  For that, I am truly grateful.

Mallory Struggs, PhD – Former Capella Mentee

2011 - Dr. Brooke works at Capella University. She became my mentor when I re-enrolled in the program after taking a full year off. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and felt like I was faced with an impossible task. Dr. Brooke was incredible in helping me pick up exactly where I left off a year earlier. She was always available when I needed support, had a question, or just needed to brainstorm. Dr. Brooke has a way of explaining everything so clearly and making suggestions that are easy to follow. Dr. Brooke moved me through the dissertation process quickly by getting me to work consistently, guiding me through each step, and helping me stay focused. I currently work as a school psychologist and have gone on to offer editing and coaching services to doctoral students! 

Limor Tintweiss, PhD – Former Capella Mentee

Student Recommendations

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