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Sexual abuse is a recurring problem in our culture, resulting in a myriad of treatment issues for survivors. Although there are a variety of therapeutic approaches for working with this population, art therapy is one which may be less threatening since it does not rely heavily on a verbal mode of communication. The purpose of this book is to focus on treatment approaches, including individual, group and family art therapy. Case examples with illustrations are presented. Additionally, the book discusses graphic indicators of sexual abuse, along with the issue of forgotten memories and the false memory debate.
Due to the increasing isolation, dehumanization, and over intellectualization of our culture, there is an increasing focus on affect and getting in touch with the inner self. Accordingly, therapists are inclined to use nonverbal approaches such as art, music, dance, and drama for psychological healing and growth. Although these methods may be unorthodox to some, people can encounter important self-data by approaching themselves from a new perspective or through a new medium.
Tools of the Trade is a volume that provides critical reviews of art therapy tests with some new reviews of assessments and updated research in the field. It is comprehensive in its approach to considering reliability and validity evidence provided by test authors. Additionally, it reviews research on art therapy assessments with a variety of patient populations. The book contains helpful suggestions regarding the application of art therapy assessments.

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